Artists for Education is a project of Brave the Woods, a design and illustration studio run by Brad and Krystal Woodard. In collaboration with incredibly talented artists we created Artists for Education to ensure teachers have access to the educational art they need to help all children succeed and learn.
Education and children are a big part of the work we do at Brave the Woods. We have worked on many educational projects for kids such as: children’s books, puzzles, stickers, journals, posters, apparel, children’s magazines, etc. That carries over into our own home where we feel it is important to fill our space with artwork that can help educate as well as beautify.
To this day we both remember artwork that was up on our classroom walls in school and in our homes. Those visual representations of information help keep those posters cemented in our heads, and we carry that knowledge with us today. That is something we want our kids to experience, and how we want to help inspire them to learn. We hope to use Artists for Education as a vessel to accomplish that goal.



We all remember how uninspiring some of the stock art was in our classrooms growing up. Well it hasn’t become any prettier and is outdated as ever. Why? Because teachers don’t have access to new, well designed art, and it rarely exists in the first place. Not to mention if they do have access, they rarely can afford to get it for their classrooms. The average amount a teacher spends out of pocket for school supplies in their classroom alone is $500.

After that, spending money on quality, educational artwork for the classroom is almost out of the question.

We surveyed teachers, and found out that there is a huge demand for GOOD posters in classrooms. They need art to explain concepts, use as visual aids, and to inspire students. The posters they currently use are either not what they need, outdated, too “young”, not something the students want to look at, or they are stuck making it themselves. Sure, there are sites that allow teachers to download materials and get ideas, but what they need and deserve is well designed, beautiful posters for their classrooms to help educate and inspire their students.

Think of a teacher that has impacted your life. This could be a past teacher of yours, a family member, or a friend. Everyone has a teacher in their life that could use our help!



90% of the brain’s sensory input is from visual sources, and visual memory takes up two thirds of the brain. Researchers have even found that unconscious learning can take place through exposure to information on a poster. This means that students in the back of the room who don’t seem to be paying attention, can actually learn from the posters on the classroom wall.

Currently, art that is in schools is sometimes not as effective at catching the student’s attention as it could be. It may not seem that it matters how good the posters look, as long as the information on them is accurate, but that is not true. Since the 50’s many studies have been done on the effect of visually attractive classrooms on students. These studies have found a direct link in the aesthetics of a room and the feelings the student has towards education. Unattractive rooms led kids to unhappiness, fatigue, and a desire to escape, where beautiful classrooms led to feelings of confidence and happier kids. These emotions have an effect on student’s attendance, behavior, class participation, and relationship with their teachers.

Posters are also been proven to improve comprehension, increase retention, enhance retrieval and even decrease the amount of time it takes a student to learn a concept.

The bottom line: Posters are effective learning tools in a classroom!