How does this work?

Artists for Education artists produce posters based on content ideas and needs from teachers. The posters are then reviewed by experts in that particular field and edited for accuracy. When a poster is complete, it is released on the AFE site and made available for purchase as high-quality giclee prints. Once the poster has been purchased 25 times (or is sponsored), it is “unlocked” and a free download option is added for teachers. Teachers can then download the posters as pdf files for free. The purchase option is always available.

Why do posters have to be sponsored or meet 25 prints sold for them to have a  free downloadable option?

As much as we would love to make everything always free, that is not a sustainable model. There are costs involved in keeping the site running and producing the new content. Having a required amount of purchases on each poster ensures that we can keep running Artists for Education and providing downloads for teachers.

What is a sponsor?

Individuals, companies, or organizations can sponsor a poster to make the download option immediately available for teachers. This bypasses the usual “locked” part of the process and satisfies the requirement for 25 poster purchases. There are different levels of sponsorship with different perks available. Contact us at for more information.

What is my NetID?

A NetID is the ID code assigned to each public school in the US by the National Center for Education Statistics. You can search your NetID or ask your administration if you don’t have it. We require a NetID, name and school email for free downloads so we can verify that the people downloading posters are actually teachers.

Can homeschoolers or private school teachers download?

No, Artists for Education was created to support the US public school system (see about page for more information why). We encourage everyone to purchase the high-quality giclee posters for their homes or classrooms to support or education and the artists who created them.

I’m an artist, and want to get involved.

If you are interested in being an artist for AFE, reach out to us at Please keep in mind though that we have very specific needs based on content, so don’t be discouraged if we don’t have an upcoming poster that fits your style at this time.

Can I submit my own artwork?

Please DO NOT submit artwork to AFE. We have very specific content needs and a production process. We don’t want you wasting your time on something we can’t use. If you are interested in being an artist for AFE, please reach out to us at

Can I get these posters in different sizes?

Not at this time. The poster sizes we have available correspond to the sizes our distributor can print.

What is a wishlist?

The wishlist is a way for teachers (or anyone) to “bookmark” the posters they want. A poster can be added to a wishlist by clicking on the heart icon on each poster. The wishlist can be viewed by clicking the heart icon in the upper right navigation bar. Each wishlist has its own shareable link. This link can be shared with anyone (family, friends, student’s parents) and will directly link to the posters that they can purchase.